Hi, I’m Fallon

Homesteading’ Mama living in Northern California. I am a first generation farmer. I believe in nourishing our bodies by following an ancestral diet, living slowly and traditionally with the seasons, and sharing the skills I have learned to cultivate that life.

Where this all began

I grew up near amish county in New York State, close to Pennsylvania. I was always so intrigued by the amish lifestyle. Many days we’d go out driving in the country and I would catch glimpses of their homesteads; beautifully built by hand, with women in timeless fashion hanging laundry on the line; little ones running about playing in the grass. It was so pure and so right. I learned more about them as a I grew older, and it felt like to me like they really had it figured out! My lifestyle felt so impure and wrong in comparison, it just didn’t make sense. How could I do what they’re doing? How could I be sparred the misery of having to be shuffled into a building filled with artificial light, where I be forced to sit still all the day long? Meanwhile these women were home tending their gardens and kitchens in the fresh air with children in tow. The men strong and tanned working out in the fields and building for hours on end without power tools. Our lives were so separate, but my heart felt such a deep connection to their way of living, like they had preserved a way of life outside of our fast, noisy, technocratic “developed” world. Sunday mornings we’d get stuck behind their horse and buggies, filled with families all dressed up for worship. I felt sick as we passed them in our high speed metal tanks, plowing over squirrel and fox, realizing internally the true disruption of purity in our lives, of nature, of Gods beautiful creation.

And while I got lost in the technocratic world, and desensitized to the tragedy and harm of natural processes. I became disconnected and depressed. I felt such a deep spiritual misery, that lingered in my body and followed my every move. I was engaging in a world in which I had to completely dissociate from purity to participate. Dis-ease in my troubled heart, though subconscious at the time, I ended up very sick mentally, physically, spiritually. Though I certainly had some physical ails as a result, the western world left me feeling completely hopeless as there was no fix they could provide for my troubled soul. Doctor after doctor, and much disappointment- I decided to try to take matters into my own hands. Which leads us to now. I said a final goodbye to that world, which I was trying to participate in, and dove completely head first into a pursing a world of purity, one surrounded by nature and inner peace.

And here we are… I could write books of my journeys, my trials and failures, my successes and all the little lessons in between. But for now, I will share the skills, the practical day to day life, in hopes that someone on a journey similar as mine, will find what they are looking for: inspiration to turn their lives around and live more intently, closely with the land and nature and in the beauty of Gods amazing creation.